October 29, 2005

Good News

After a week of worrying about it, we have an answer. He is going to another shop to be the manager there. It is farther away than the one now... maybe 40 minute drive. He used to work there and really liked it! So everything is good! Thank you Lord!

October 25, 2005

Still Nothing

We still haven't heard anything. Apparently, a couple of big wigs had some meetings today, so maybe something has been decided. Cory came home very frustrated and down. So many things hang on this... we might lose our van which is a company vehicle... for managers... officially he will still be a manager, but one without a shop. He will lose his cell phone... same deal there. We are worried about our benefits... Adria's orthodontist expenses... we still have several more months to pay those. It seems so unfair. I just keep praying that the Lord will work it out. It is not fair to Cory to leave him hanging... the shop closes Monday. The poor man should know where he is going. I have the dreaded feeling that they are going to let him slip through the cracks and he won't have a job at all.

No Answers Yet

We still don't know anything. They talked about various options at the meeting, but nothing concrete. Now I am getting worried! And I don't have the energy to explain it all here. But I do know that the Lord is with us!

October 24, 2005

Meeting in Windsor

Cory is at a meeting tonight in Windsor. They are closing his shop, and they are trying to figure out where to move Cory. There are not any manager positions open right now. Who knows what they will do with him, but I just keep praising the Lord that they are not planning on giving him the boot! I have been nervous all day, wondering what is going on at this meeting. I do not know when to expect him home.


October 19, 2005

It is just a little over two months until my dad arrives from B.C. He will be here over Christmas and New Year's Day. I can't wait to see him... it has been two or three years since I saw him last.
Today is Wednesday, which means class at church tonight, and the supper before. Cory and I sell the tickets for the meal, so we eat whenever there is a slow time in the line. I love our class... it is about prohecy. The chairs are so uncomfortable though! I can hardly stand up when the hour and a half is over!
I have been up since four o'clock this morning. I will probably be sorry later today, but I do love getting up before everyone else and getting a head start on the day. Makes for much less chaos later on.
I am just waiting for more daycare kids to arrive. They are late.

October 17, 2005

It's Not My Thing

Just a thought this morning about people (me included) saying... no I can't do that or I don't want to do that... it's not my thing.

Isn't obedience to Christ often about...
doing what is not my thing?

October 14, 2005

Quiet evening at home

This is a photo of Cory's reef tank in the living room. This is Shark Bait. He is a clown fish. And the anemone is George. They are best of buddies. Shark Bait protects George for all he is worth. Funny! They say only about 50% of clown fish will hook up with an anemone is captivity, but in the wild, they all have anemone friends. It is so funny to watch this little fish try to beat up my husband's hand when he is in there cleaning or whatever.

Well, it is Friday! We had pork chops and green beans for supper. And the last of the pumpkin pie. Now we can get back to good eating again.
Tommorow Cory works in the morning, and I will go with him to work. Just across the street from his shop is my favourite grocery store. So I visit with him for a while, and then walk across and do the shopping and he picks me and the groceries up when he is done at noon. I love doing it this way... no need to make an extra trip to go shopping. And we get to spend some time together.
Adria is babysitting tonight for a couple from church. They have gone to a hockey game and taken their two older sons with them, and left the one year old at home in bed! We are a hockey crazy town here! There are no tickets available for the entire season of our hometown team.

October 10, 2005

Thanksgivng Day

We had our Thanksgiving dinner yesterday. There were just seven of us, and we had a 22 pound turkey! We planned it that way so that we would have lots of leftovers for turkey sandwiches all week. Cory loves turkey sandwiches! That makes it easy for me trying to plan lunches this week. Yesterday was such a beautiful day!
Today we have been very lazy! Not doing much of anything except cleaning up from last night, and getting ready for the week ahead. I wish every Monday was a holiday! Back to the grind tomorrow.

October 02, 2005

Sunday Evening

We have had a good weekend. Friday night, I went to a concert a church, and Adria and Cory stayed home together. Saturday, we got lots done around the house and then ran a few errands. My niece came to sleep over and we went to Ben Thanh restaurant for supper with her and my mom and dad. Dad loved it! I know he will be back. Good reviews all around.
Sunday was church and then we did a little grocery shopping for desperately needed items. Then spent the rest of the day relaxing! Woo Hoo! I love days like that. Back to the grind tomorrow. I have to come up with some craft ideas for the daycare kids. Thanksgiving is our theme this week.