November 20, 2005

One Month Until...

until my dad arrives from British Columbia. I am getting excited! He will be in Ontario from December 20th until January 10th. He will be visiting between his sister, my sister, and me, as well as time with old friends. So he will be in and out during that time.

Cory installed new lights in our family room, and they make such a difference. It used to be very dark down here, but now it is brighter. I am not much from dark rooms. I like things to be well lit.

We had snow on Friday... it actually stayed on the ground over night. But it was all gone Saturday morning. I am not ready for snow to stay, so it can just wait a month or so!

November 12, 2005

Things are going well. Cory is enjoying his new shop and is changing things here and there to make it his own. He has been really busy so that is great.
We are getting our new fence in the back yard sometime this month. I can't wait! It has been five years since we moved here and I have been staring at that ugly falling down fence since then, just waiting for the day we could build a new one! I think it will be beautiful, and so nice not be looking into the neighbours' yards through the chain link.
Cory is off today, so we have a couple of fun things planned... going to the market this morning, and later he is going to watch a movie with Dean while I go to see Eva and the baby. I haven't seen them in a month! Aniela will look so different I bet!