August 27, 2006

Summer Holiday

Cory and I are off work this week. It is so wonderful not to be rushing and feeling like we have to do a certain thing because we have to go to work tomorrow! I love it!
We don't have many plans. Tomorrow we are taking Adria and a friend to Canada's Wonderland. We will just drop them off and then go and find things to do ourselves. They will have a cell phone so we can stay in touch. We also think we will make the trip to Cory's grandma's house sometime this week. It has been a while since we have been there. And those are all the plans we have made. We have thought about painting one wall in living room... maybe... if we feel like it. I think the worst part of being a grown up is not having the entire summer off. I knew I should have been a teacher!

August 11, 2006

Two Front Teeth

This morning, one of the day care kids was coming up to the front door with her mom, and she tripped (over her flip flops I think) and bashed her mouth on the step. Lo and behold, she knocked her two front teeth out! Her mom whisked her off to the dentist. There is nothing to do but wait for her adult teeth to grow in, and that will be about three years or so! Can you imagine!? I am glad that the girl was in the care of her mother at the moment, and not in my care. I feel so sorry for her. She was amazingly brave! Seriously, I am amazed how calm she was. I was proud of her!

August 03, 2006

The hot weather seems to have let up a little bit. Still too hot for me, but better than the last three days! Is it Friday yet? Oh, not yet... tomorrow! I am looking forward to this long weekend. We are having a birthday party for Aniela... her first birthday. We have some yummy things planned for the bbq, and I hoping it is not hot. For side dishes, I am planning things that don't require any last minute cooking. Lots of salads.

Adria is off babysitting today. She has been earning lots of money this summer! Well, my brain must have turned to mush, as I can think of nothing exciting to say. Just chugging along here.