February 19, 2006

Lazy Afternoon

Not much going on today. Cory dear is watching the Daytona 500. Adria is recovering from a flu like something, and I am doing laundry. I have to think about cooking up some grub soon.

We had a baptism at church this morning. I just love baptisms! Woo Hoo! Look at God!

Not much to say today.

February 14, 2006

My daycare sweeties

Not for Another Week

Ah! We went grocery shopping tonight. Tuesday is our new grocery night. The store is just about empty. Way less stress! We had been going on Saturdays, and that was way beyond stressful! No more!

So my husband has a sock obsession. Every time we go to this particular store, he has to buy a new pair of socks. We call this grocery store "The Sock Store"! Well, they have been moving items around, and the socks were not in their usual place. He couldn't find them, and so, no socks made their way into my cart. He did manage to slip in a lightbulb, a dvd (Platoon), and magazine for our daughter. Sometimes, I just start cracking up when I see what he has smuggled into the cart while I wasn't looking. Like the time he hid a ten dollar cheesecake in there. I tell you, I always unload that cart with baited breath, never knowing what I will find!

February 13, 2006


This is what is happening in my household! The daycare kids, us, the daycare parents. I am sure the mail man is coughing just from coming to our front door. Try keeping three three year olds and two one years olds from putting toys in their mouths and wiping their noses on their hands. I feel like my house is floating in phlegm and mucus! I should by shares in Lysol.
I can't wait until spring when we can play outside day after day and keep the germs outside!

I have a problem with our cultural rule of covering your mouth when you cough! Cover your mouth with your hand and cough all those germs onto your hand and then touch stuff! What is that? Now I am not for coughing in anyone's face either, but maybe direct your mouth down ward or tuck your mouth in your shirt or something, but don't cough in your hand unless you can wash it immediately. I HATE touching public doorhandles and shopping carts and anything else that someone else has touched. I am seriously turning into a real germophobe! I am gonna get me a big ol' jar of that antibacterial gel stuff and carry it with me every where.

February 10, 2006

Another laugh from Huck

I don't mean to make you read the entire book or anything... but today this made me laugh out loud again...

"We had dinner out in that broad open passage betwixt the house and the kitchen; and there was things enough on that table for seven families -- and all hot, too; none of your flabby, tough meat that's laid in a cupboard in a damp cellar all night and tastes like a hunk of old cold cannibal in the morning."

February 02, 2006

One of my projects...

The finished one is actually a rug, but I am just doing a framed piece, not a rug. This one is lots of fun to stitch. Can't wait until I get to the birds.

I have so many projects started. I have promised my husband I will not start a new one until they are all done. I need to buy some more thread for this one.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

If you have never read this book, or if it has been quite some time since you did read it... GO AND READ IT! I am thoroughly enjoying myself, even after numerous readings. It is so full of humour. Here is a part that I laughed out loud at, during naptime when all the daycare kids were sleeping. I am glad I didn't wake them up!

Tom and Huck and some buddies have just formed a gang of robbers...

"Now," says Ben Rogers, "what's the line of business of this Gang?"
"Nothing only robbery and murder," Tom said.
"But who are we going to rob? -- houses, or cattle, or -- "
"Stuff! stealing cattle and such things ain't robbery; it's burglary," says Tom Sawyer. "We ain't burglars. That ain't no sort of style. We are highwaymen. We stop stages and carriages on the road, with masks on, and kill the people and take their watches and money."
"Must we always kill the people?"
"Oh, certainly. It's best. Some authorities think different, but mostly it's considered best to kill them -- except some that you bring to the cave here, and keep them till they're ransomed."
"Ransomed? What's that?"
"I don't know. But that's what they do. I've seen it in books; and so of course that's what we've got to do."
"But how can we do it if we don't know what it is?"
"Why, blame it all, we've got to do it. Don't I tell you it's in the books? Do you want to go to doing different from what's in the books, and get things all muddled up?"
"Oh, that's all very fine to say, Tom Sawyer, but how in the nation are these fellows going to be ransomed if we don't know how to do it to them? -- that's the thing I want to get at. Now, what do you reckon it is?"
"Well, I don't know. But per'aps if we keep them till they're ransomed, it means that we keep them till they're dead. "
"Now, that's something like. That'll answer. Why couldn't you said that before? We'll keep them till they're ransomed to death; and a bothersome lot they'll be, too -- eating up everything, and always trying to get loose."
"How you talk, Ben Rogers. How can they get loose when there's a guard over them, ready to shoot them down if they move a peg?"
"A guard! Well, that is good. So somebody's got to set up all night and never get any sleep, just so as to watch them. I think that's foolishness. Why can't a body take a club and ransom them as soon as they get here?"
"Because it ain't in the books so -- that's why. Now, Ben Rogers, do you want to do things regular, or don't you? -- that's the idea. Don't you reckon that the people that made the books knows what's the correct thing to do? Do you reckon you can learn 'em anything? Not by a good deal. No, sir, we'll just go on and ransom them in the regular way."
"All right. I don't mind; but I say it's a fool way, anyhow. Say, do we kill the women, too?"
"Well, Ben Rogers, if I was as ignorant as you I wouldn't let on. Kill the women? No; nobody ever saw anything in the books like that. You fetch them to the cave, and you're always as polite as pie to them; and by and by they fall in love with you, and never want to go home any more."
"Well, if that's the way I'm agreed, but I don't take no stock in it. Mighty soon we'll have the cave so cluttered up with women, and fellows waiting to be ransomed, that there won't be no place for the robbers. But go ahead, I ain't got nothing to say."

February 01, 2006

But is it art?

I got a kick out of my daughter's handiwork with an orange peel. Just thought I would share it with you! Enjoy!