April 30, 2006

The fence and shed are done!

Finally, after waiting five and a half years to replace the fence and shed, we have done it! Now we will spend the spring and summer working on the landscape part. Ugh. I love the finished product, but I do not enjoy garden work at all. Good thing Cory doesn't mind it!

If you look very carefully, you can see T-Bone and Bailey in the photo.

April 21, 2006

the bopst show

"A musical masterpiece, the Bopst Show wins three awards for longevity, extreme knowledge of the arcane, and being on the AM dial. Chris Bopst has been a key building block in Richmond's creative community for almost two decades, and he's been a presence on the radio for four years. Tuning into the Bopst Show is a sure-fire way to hear Joe Strummer, Jellyroll Morton, The Knitters, Jesus Lizard and Ella Fitzgerald all in one sitting."

The bospt show is on Monday to Friday from 1:oopm to 4:oopm est. Go listen! You'll be glad you did!

We have been working on our backyard lately. The old fence has been torn down and taken away. The new fence is up. We are working on tearing down the old shed. Here is Cory (hail the Conquering Hero) atop the old one. It was quite a chore taking it apart. Adria and I lugged the pieces to the dumpster we have in the driveway. We filled the dumpster and had to have them come deliver a new one. So this weekend, we will haul away the remaining shed, and wheelbarrow gravel from the driveway to the back, to make a level spot for the new shed, which is going in on Wednesday. We have waited five and a half years to be able to do this stuff! Then we can start planning for flower beds and green things.