May 31, 2006

Robertson Davies

Robertson Davies is my favourite writer. I'll not pretend to be a fountain of knowledge about him and his works. I haven't read anything but his novels. I would strongly encourage you to start with the Deptford Trilogy. Go ahead... you have been looking for something new to read anyway, right?

Robertson Davies

The Salterton Trilogy
The first novels Davies wrote. They're not usually considered his best work, but still well worth reading.

Tempest-Tost, 1951
Leaven of Malice, 1954
A Mixture of Frailties, 1958

The Deptford Trilogy
Perhaps Davies' finest works, and the best introduction to his fiction.

Fifth Business, 1970
The Manticore, 1972
World of Wonders, 1975

The Cornish Trilogy
The Rebel Angels, 1981
What's Bred In The Bone, 1985
The Lyre of Orpheus, 1988

The Toronto Books
This series would have become another trilogy, but was interrupted by Davies' death just as he was beginning to plan the third novel.

Murther and Walking Spirits, 1991.
The Cunning Man, 1995.

May 23, 2006

I thought this was a good photo of Adria. Why, when I was a girl, we didn't have grad photos in eighth grade! Next month is the ceremony with the dresses and the suits and all the hullabaloo.

May 21, 2006

Early. Stinky. Fun. Lazy.

Try as I may, I cannot sleep in. On a work day, I open my eyeballs and creep downstairs somewhere between 5:00am and 6:00am. Every Friday night and Saturday night, I chant to myself, "I will not get up at six. I will not get up at six. I will not get up at six." Yet, every Saturday morning and Sunday morning, no matter how I try, I get up early. I just can't lay there any longer. What is wrong with me? So yesterday, I made it to 6:14am, and today, oh joy, 6:39am. That is quite late in my world.

This morning, as I padded into the kitchen, my nostrils were assaulted with stinky garbage smell. Ew. I guess I didn't keep on top of my domestic duties yesterday. I was too busy having fun! So after I took the dogs out to pee, I took care of the garbage and Lysol-ed every molecule of air in our home. I think it is safe to breathe through your nose now.

Fun! Yesterday, Cory and I went downtown and browsed around two record shops we had not been in before. At the first one, I could have spent two hundred dollars. Seriously. They had a lot of old stuff that you don't usually find in suburban stores. So neat! Cory found his one David Bowie album that he didn't have, so he was happy with that eight dollar vinyl purchase. I found a collector's edition of MoJo magazine on the Clash, so you can be sure I scooped that up! Woo Hoo! The second store was so cool, but a little intimidating... as though you didn't belong there if you didn't know everything there is to know about music. We didn't buy anything there. The dude behind the counter didn't even look at us. But it was a good store otherwise.

Today, we are being lazy. Not dressed yet. We had a yummy breakfast and now Cory dear is watching a race that he recorded last night. Adria is reading. I am computering. I am going to cook a turkey today. I love having a turkey dinner for absolutely no reason. There is nothing better than turkey sandwiches for three days afterward too! I better find out how many hours it will take to cook the bird.

May 18, 2006

How to Grow a Pineapple at Home

  • Growing Pineapples

  • I thought this was interesting! It would make a fun project (in patience) with children.

    Back in the Day

    Here we are almost fifteen years ago. Adria was about six months old. I love this photo!

    May 14, 2006

    Mmmmmm... steak

    Yesterday, we had my mom, dad, little sister, big sister, her husband and two children over for a bbq. We had steak, potatoes with sour cream and chives, salad, homemade bread, and a yummy strawberry dessert. This is starting to be a Mothers' Day tradition it seems. In 2001, we had lived in this house six months, and they all came over for Mothers' Day supper and to work in our gardens. (Empty back yard + those two who love gardening = them coming to do the work) It was great. Now with the new shed, the gardens have to be changed a bit. No one volunteered yesterday though!

    May 09, 2006

    It is time!

    Adria just left for Quebec City. A twelve hour bus ride with fifty eighth graders!

    May 04, 2006

    Today is our fifteenth anniversary!

    Cory and I have been married for fifteen years today! How quickly the years have gone by. Before we know it, we will be celebrating our fiftieth! Here we are fifteen years ago...